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One2One Expert Chat

Have a 1 hour Zoom chat with @Wildmanrouse to answer all those pressing questions about kit, purchases, wildlife photography, techniques and anything else you wanna chat about!

Where:Online via Zoom
Workshop leader: Andy Rouse,
Places Available:
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2One Expert Chat

Got a lot of questions about technique or kit that need answering? 

Thinking of changing to mirrorless and need some advice? 

Planning a photographic safari, a garden project or just need some inspiration? 

Then our One2One Chat is just for you, it includes:

😀An exclusive one hour Zoom session at a time of your choice

😀Friendly and applicable answers to your questions

😀A discussion about your photographic goals

😀A mini portfolio review of three images 

😀A private recording of your session which you can stream forever

😀System independant - we don't care what you use!

All chats are confidential. 

Once you have booked, @Wildmanrouse will be in touch to find out more about what you want to achieve and to arrange a mutually convenient time for your chat.

Booking your session

Just add to cart above and you will be taken to our secure online store. 

Important - Please make double and triple sure that you type in your email address correctly else we will not know about you and won't know to contact you!!!

We will be in touch with you within a few days of receiving your booking to discuss your requirements, give you all the details and arrange a mutually beneficial time. It's gonna be great!

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