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For the last 20 years Andy has been a very prolific wildlife photographer, and for the past year an equally prolific aviation nutcase. Uploading his whole collection would take a lifetime so instead this is a collection of his most recent, favourite and award winning work for you to enjoy. We will change it regularly to keep it fresh and of course you can find many more images in the print galleries too.

Commercial Clients - these collections and galleries will serve as a good introduction to diversity of styles and quality that Andy consistently produces. To get access to his complete body of work please register / login to his online stock library ( only available to commercial clients ).

Everyone else - have a great time, be inspired, smile, pause for thought, share with friends and just enjoy the professional work of Andy Rouse. If you are interested in the techniques behind these images then check out our YOUTUBE channel where we will teach you! If you wanna come and experience it for yourselves then check out our Expeditions. In the meantime grab a glass of wine, or better still a bottle, sit back and come on a journey with us....

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