Get help and advice virtually, at a mutually beneficial time, on all aspects of your photography in a friendly, confidential and uplifting Zoom chat. 

Motivational and positive Portfolio reviews, practical camera setup, project help, Olympus walkthrtus, fun and informative Q&A's, it's all here and more. 

Asking for Help...virtually

There is such a stigma about asking for help. These days help usually comes from a google search, with advice taken from someone you don't know...and therefore can't trust. A lot of people want to ask for help but are too shy or too scared of social media to do so. There are a lot of so called experts out there, especially in photography, giving advice based on google searches rather than pure experience. That's why we started Ask@Wildmanrouse, to give a place for photographers to get help / advice / guidance / confidence from a professional that is used to doing it every single day and draws from 25 years experience. Recently we've had a lot of people coming to us for real help, which is why we set all this up! Straight into your living room, office or garden...via Zoom. All sessions are conducted virtually at a time to suit wherever you live in the world. Safe, secure and friendly.

Why @wildmanrouse

Simply because he is known for being approachable and inspiring photographers by his imagery, his straight forward approach, his approach to talking about tough subjects like mental health on social media (helping to change the conversation) and his community sessions during his very popular webinar series. You only have to look at one episode of his Wild Angle YouTube series to see his infectious enthusiasm, determination and knowledge. He loves inspiring photographers it's as simple as that.

Here are two recent comments from sessions this week, real people that @Wildmanrouse helped:

Thank you. That was very useful. I learned a lot. I am most grateful that you continued so long after the scheduled end time. Also, for the advance preparation to review and comment on the photos I had sent you; this must have taken you quite a bit of time as well. I paid for an hour, but got a lot more than that. Excellent value for money.

Thanks allot again for this lunchtime, I hope you have lots of takers for your 1:1s, as it was a really valuable hour (the time flew by!) and I felt comfortable being able to ask noddy questions without too much laughter!  This video to go with it will be a great reference as I get out and practice and have fun with what the Olympus can do.  

Is it wildlife only?

@Wildmanrouse is known for his wildlife work, winning a multitude of international awards, and it's true that this will be his main focus. All aspects of wildlife can be considered, from macro to birds to animals. Anywhere in the world. Aviation too is a speciality, something he loves doing and we've added a sneaky image or two below!

Of course he is very inspiring as a mentor and has a wide knowledge of all genres of photography, so if you are into something other than wildlife he has the experience to provide inspiration, advice and confidence to move forward. If in doubt then check with us first by clicking here for our contact page.

But it costs money right?

Yep so do the best things in life that you buy everyday. Sure you can get free advice anywhere, but are you really gonna base a major buying decision on a few lines of text from someone you don't know? Do you really just want a few back slaps about your images on social media, or do you want to know how to improve them and push your photography forward. Do you want to be inspired to reach your goals...or do you want help finding that vision and style? 

@Wildmanrouse will take the time to help you with all of these and more because he has the experience to do so. You get his sole attention (something that is difficult to do any other time) and experience dedicated exclusively to you for the session, that is why we charge decent money for this as it's a great offering that few can match (and no doubt they will try!). We are aware though that these are difficult times for everyone and have kept our prices reasonable and much less than others offering the same service. 

A word about confidentiality

This is a professional yet personal consultancy service, highly confidential. Nothing will ever be posted on social media about your session, no one will ever be told or know. You will receive a recording of the session that is for you and you only. Total discretion is assured, we don't care who you are or from what walk of life, we only care about your photography and helping you with that.

What's on offer...

We have many different chat products to offer depending on your needs. All are conducted over Zoom and will be a mixture of friendly chat, professional advice delivered in a simple way and positive and uplifting image reviews. At times @Wildmanrouse will use his extensive library of images to illustrate points he is trying to make, teaching by example. 

One2One Expert Chat

Got a lot of questions about technique or kit that need answering? 

Thinking of changing to mirrorless and need some advice? 

Planning a photographic safari, a garden project or just need some inspiration? 

Then our One2One Chat is just for you, it includes:

😀An exclusive one hour Zoom session at a time of your choice

😀Friendly and applicable answers to your questions

😀A discussion about your photographic goals

😀A mini portfolio review of three images 

😀A private recording of your session which you can stream forever

😀System independant - we don't care what you use!

All chats are confidential. 

Once you have booked, @Wildmanrouse will be in touch to find out more about what you want to achieve and to arrange a mutually convenient time for your chat.

Price £125


Olympus make awesome cameras and the UK office runs brilliant free help sessions on all aspects of the cameras. Our OlympusOverview is intended to compliment these sessions by giving you a professional photographer overview and practical walkthru of the myriad of features.

Want to see how I use Pro Capture to get some of my spectacular images? It's more than just menu settings to consider.

Just got a brand new Olympus system and need help and advice setting it up? Maybe you have a Pro Loan and need to make the most of the time that you have? Considering making the switch to Olympus and want to talk to an expert before you commit? 

Then our OlympusOverview is just for you, it includes:

😀An exclusive one hour Zoom session at a time of your choice

😀A live walk through of the main features of Olympus cameras

😀Practical usage tips and pro advice from experience

😀Do's and don'ts of using Olympus cameras

😀A private recording of your session which you can stream forever

All chats are confidential. I'm not an ambassador and have an independant view and attitude. Once you have booked, @Wildmanrouse will be in touch to find out more about what you want to achieve and to arrange a mutually convenient time for your chat.

Price £125


Struggling to find a direction for your photography?

Need some help, advice, guidance and confidence from someone you trust? Struggling with images for a competition, a licensing panel or just a portfolio to show to the world? Just want someone to look at your favourite images and help give them, and you, a confidence boost?

Then our PortfolioReview is just for you as @Wildmanrouse does this on a very regular basis with clients and loves it. The package includes:

😀An exclusive Zoom session at a time of your choice, max 90 mins

😀Analysis, chat and reworking of 10 pre-submitted images

😀Practical demo, where time permits, of changes made 

😀Shooting hints and tips given throughout

😀System independant - we don't care what you use!

😀A private recording of your session which you can stream forever

All chats are confidential. 

Once you have booked, @Wildmanrouse will be in touch to find out more about what you want to achieve, to arrange upload of your images and to arrange a mutually convenient time for your chat.

Price £149

Wild Bunch Membership

The Wild Bunch is an online community that is based around the inspiring work of @Wildmanrouse. It's an inspiring look into his world.

Annual membership includes access to all his premium content extended edition Wild Angle shows plus monthly community Zoom chats / webinars called ClubCasts. Plus occasional articles, reviews, discounts (20% on prices above) and priority on all events.

Price £75 per year

Want something else / more?

Want something that we haven't listed here? Perhaps you want more contact over a longer period to help you with your photography. Maybe for a few months or even a year?

We are always happy to discuss new and interesting projects so feel free to contact us to chat about it. Always in confidence.

Community comments

Here's some comments from emails received after attending our webinars, real love from real people:

Working with light was a really really wonderful course – transformative and has me thinking much more about light so very VERY grateful. In all honesty I learnt so much and gave me a new perspective THANK YOU

I do want to say thank you so much for putting on the course, I’ve learned lots and really enjoyed it

I just wanted to say thanks for a terrific two sessions today. It’s really got me thinking about what mood I’m trying to capture in my photographs.

Just got off the Thursday session and wanted to say I loved every minute of it!  I love the way that you’re prepared to share how you get all these wonderful shots, very unusual in this world!  

Andy, thanks for the meeting today, the detail you are giving is fantastic and very much appreciated and it is good of you to do this. The images you are using are inspirational to see and certainly make me want to get out and shoot, to try and use your ideas, settings and advice, to try recreate the ‘atmosphere' using the wildlife available in my area

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