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Hello and welcome to the wild world of professional wildlife photographer and full time animal hugger @wildmanrouse. 

As a multi award winning wildlife photographer for 25 years I have had some awesome experiences with wildlife and on this page I want to bring them to you with exclusive videos, images, podcasts, monthly challenges, insights, travel diaries and educational stuff.

Along with my wife Suzie, who shares my animal obsessions, we will bring you regular exclusive content that's educational, fun, inspiring and will put a smile on your face. It's based on the awesome Patreon platform, which is an easy to use community based system that connects creators like us with great members like you!!!! It's a wonderful platform for everyone - we can provide timely. relevant and cool content straight to your chosen device in a variety of formats. 

There are several clubs you can join as follows:

  1. Creature Features - our animal loving club with the focus on wildlife and learning about nature. Features a regular monthly podcast from us, behind the scenes travel diaries, animal videos and stories.

  2. WildBunch Club - our photography club for all levels of photographer where we will inspire you and give you the tools and confidence to push your photography forwards. Podcasts, challenges, live chats, image classroom, photoshop / lightroom walkthrus, flexshooter and merch discounts, it's all included and more. A safe space with nice people to learn and be inspired.

  3. WildBunch OM Club - the same content as the WildBunch Club but for users of the OM System. Extra content with hints and tips for getting the most out of the OM System kit, videos and announcements. Plus some kit discounts too.

Take out one individually or get a Combi membership, which is our recommended tier, where you can get Creature Features membership plus WildBunch or WildBunch OM Club. It's great value!

In return we are asking a small fee, less than the price of a coffee per month and you will know that by subscribing to this page you will be supporting us in our efforts to share our adventures with you. You will also be supporting our efforts to reduce the amount of foreign trips we do each year and therefore flights. 

We love every single one of you for supporting us on here; we can't do this without you so thank you 😀

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You have the choice of paying monthly (so you can come and go as you please) or getting a discounted annual membership. Prices start from £5 per month plus local taxes and we have a free 7 day trial too so you can see what we are all about!!!

Click the link below to take out a no obligation 7 day trial and start being inspired today! Remember you get the choice of our photo club or animal club, but the best value is a combi for both!

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