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Our Pro Capture eBook is packed with information on how to get the most from the Pro Capture feature of OM Systems cameras. Easy to read with worked examples, it's a must for any user of the OM System.

Pro Capture is an incredible feature of OM Systems cameras and, if used correctly, allows you to get amazing images like this that previously you might have missed...

It's time travel for the camera, allowing you to go back in time for a few seconds and record incredible behaviour. When coupled with the superb AF and Subject Detection system of the OM1 it gives you the power to create incredible images that you only dreamt of before. Well to help you get started on your Pro Capture journey we have produced this amazing eBook, over 80 pages packed with everything that I know about successfully using Pro Capture in the field. Starting with a basic introduction we look at when you use Pro Capture and when you don't, how it's all setup and how it works, then some strategies for shooting with tons of hints and tips before finally moving into some case studies from the field to show how I used it to solve specific problems. It's honest, written in my very personable style and based entirely on experience as a professional photographer. It's a pretty funky design too....

Don't take our word for it, here are some comments from our members who had this eBook first:

"An amazing Pro Capture E Book that delivered in easy understandable language nothing, as good on the internet, and the images alone are worth the price"

"The book is great - very informative and fabulous images."

“I’ve been using Pro Capture for four years now and after reading this, I have changed my setup to increase my chances of nailing the shot”

Of course everyone has their own vision of Pro Capture and that's the great thing about it, once you get started and understand it then you can adapt to your own way of shooting. The purpose of this guide is to give you that confidence and understanding in a clear and concise way. The only tech info that I have included is what you need to know to shoot with Pro Capture successfully, I have deliberately left a lot of non essential tech stuff out as that's for discussion elsewhere and doesn't affect how you use it. 

It's the definitive Pro Capture guide and I guarantee you will love it, our members already have.

Cameras supported - the guide is written using the OM1 Mark II settings, but many of the images were taken with the OM1 or E-M1X so you will get guidance on the differences between the systems.

But it's not free? No and it should not be as it contains a lot of experience and is packed with tips from the field that take a lot of time to get. This is information from a professional that has been in the business 25 years and whose name is one you can trust. So £25 is a small price to pay for such a resource, and is minimal considering what you spend on your cameras! In fairness I should tell you that our WildBunch OM Club members paid £15 so they got a cool discount as they do for all our products and services. If you are interested in joining the club then see below for details (only full members qualify for the discount).

PDF Format - we could have buried this behind layers of security but we didn't as want you to be able to take this on your mobile device with you wherever you go. So we are asking you to do us a favour. Please don’t distribute this eBook to your mates or pass it around. Like all the projects I work on, I have given it my all and left nothing out. I can do many more of these really helpful guides on all kinds of photography. So please respect my work and skill and keep this to yourself, if someone wants a copy please ask them to visit us and buy it.

How to buy - simply Add to Cart and then follow the cart links through our store to Paypal, where you can pay by credit card or a paypal account. You will then receive download instructions to the email that you give. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours of ordering then send us an email here and we will sort it for you.

Thank you and enjoy !

The WildBunch OM Club

The WildBunch is our online community that we established to share our love and knowledge of animal photography as exclusive content that you cannot find anywhere else. It is a safe space community where all are welcome and which is populated by very nice people!

So what content do we provide? The answer is lots! We now have over 250 pieces of exclusive content including how to videos, picture analysis, Photoshop / LightRoom Walkthroughs, monthly competitions with helper articles, podcasts (2 per month) and just lots of inspiring and educational wildlife content.

There are several clubs you can join as follows:

  1. Creature Features - our animal loving club with the focus on wildlife and learning about nature. Features a regular monthly podcast from us, behind the scenes travel diaries, animal videos and stories.
  2. WildBunch Club - our photography club for all levels of photographer where we will inspire you and give you the tools and confidence to push your photography forwards.
  3. WildBunch OM Club - the same content as the WildBunch Club but for users of the OM System. Extra content with hints and tips for getting the most out of the OM System kit, videos and announcements. Plus some kit discounts too.

Take out one individually or get a Combi membership, which is our recommended tier, where you can get Creature Features membership plus WildBunch or WildBunch OM Club. It's great value! In return we are asking a small fee, less than the price of a coffee per month and you will know that by subscribing to this page you will be supporting us in our efforts to share our adventures with you. You will also be supporting our efforts to reduce the amount of foreign trips we do each year and be a little better for the environment

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