Fundraising Webinar for NHS Heroes


Price: £10.00

We need to act

Right I will keep this quick and simple.

Coronavirus is a killer. Like so many of us I am frustrated that I cannot do anything to help our brave NHS Heroes fighting it. 

Maybe I have found a way where I can help.

The NHS Masks for Heroes campaign is an official fundraiser put together initially by several NHS consultants to privately source and fund PPE for front line NHS staff. They have so far raised a whopping £1,753148. The actor James McEvoy donated £275,000. In their words....

"Unfortunately current hospital supplies are not sufficient and while we are reassured the government is doing everything it can, healthcare workers on the frontline are risking themselves daily without adequate protection to care for sick patients. Healthcare workers on the frontline without PPE is the equivalent of going to war without armour and protection."

They have sourced the kit, have the supply chain ready and are doing great work. 

In these uncertain times I know that cash is tight and every penny counts. But the job these NHS frontline staff are doing is incredible. We must protect them.


I am doing a 1 hour webinar to raise funds for this worthy cause. I will make nothing of course, all monies received will be made via a public donation in one lump to the fundraising site immediately after the webinar. We are gonna charge £10 only for this, so with 75 of you that's £750.

The seminar will be via Zoom, will be in the form of a lot of chat from me, showing images on screen, talking about the tech side and the aesthetic one too. As always it will be entertaining, fun and educational for all photographers out there. The images will be a mixture of some of my award winning best, plus new stuff and some unseen ones too. A mixture of techniques and styles so it's applicable for anyone who loves wildlife photography and yes of course it's interactive and you can ask me questions too!

We are limited to 75 people on a first come first served basis.


The webinar will take place on Saturday 18th April 2020 at 11am BST.

How it works

Ok we have explored how to make the donations and there is no simple way to do it other than you need to trust us. So we are using our online store to take donations of £10 per person. We will pay all credit card and transaction fees. We will make the donation of whatever money we receive public, make the donation public and post on social media. 

Alright so simply Add to the Cart above and follow the instructions, it's a secure payment site. 

You will receive confirmation of your payment and then a separate email within 24 hours of the scheduled Webinar time with the joining details. You do not need to have Zoom installed, but they have a free version which is cool. You can use a phone to access the webinar too. Please ensure that you have your sound switched on as it's a common problem which affects many on zoom. During the webinar you will all be "muted" as otherwise it's tough to hear anything, if you need to ask a question then you can do this easily by raising a virtual hand - you will then be "un-muted" for that. Full instructions will be sent beforehand.

We will publish the donation that we make on social media and will be completely transparent throughout. 

Thanks in advance for your support!

EyeJogia webinar

Awesomely talented pro wedding photographer Sanjay Jogia is running his own webinar for the NHS this Thursday evening. It's gonna be great so if you wanna check that out here is the link - https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SanjayJogia

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