Summer Ranthambhore Safari 2025

A summer tiger tour for tiger lovers, non photographers and photographers alike. Come with us to experience the Indian Summer in Ranthambhore where tiger sightings will be at their peak, staying in wonderful safe boutique accommodation and with the best drive / guiding team in the business. Interested? Read on then!!!

Dates: April 8th to 18th 2025

Availability: 6 / 6

Safaris: 15 safaris 

Guides: Andy Rouse and Jamie Peters

Price: £7995 (land costs only)

Announcing our Summer Ranthambhore 2025 Safari, come and get some tiger love with 7 immersive action packed days with the tigers of Ranthambhore in the Indian summer! 

Our Summer Ranthambhore safari has 6 clients in 2 vehicles guided by the dynamic team of Jamie Peters and Andy Rouse. You will get 15 safari drives, with expert pro photographers and tiger guides. You will stay at the fantastic Ranthambhore Bagh, a wonderful home from home boutique style accommodation, with great food, a swimming pool and a relaxing ambience. 

You will get the best team, the best expertise and the best chance of getting great pictures of tigers. Yes you can go by yourself but no one gets better shots than our groups, that's a proven fact and many of you have witnessed that! We have the two best drivers for photographers, the most motivated guides, the best connections in the park and the most respect from everyone. Myself and Jamie Peters are simply the most dynamic photo team in the park and all our clients agree we make a real difference. 

So this is the perfect trip for photographers that want to learn new skills and hone old ones, and for naturalists / animal huggers that want to spent extended time with wildlife. Everyone is welcome and our tours are conducted in a friendly and social fashion, ending each day with a beer / wine / G&T around a roaring camp fire!

Come with us to experience the wonder of stunning Ranthambhore National Park in the winter.

Summer in Ranthambhore

April is the transition time between the pleasant days of spring and the searing temperatures of May. It will be hot yes, typically 38C in the heat of the day, but we won't be out in that! The mornings start off a pleasant 20-25C and it is this time that most tigers choose to walk and explore their territory. When it gets hotter they typically head for water and by the early afternoon most tigers in Ranthambhore are immersed!!

This is the time of the year when you see the most tigers, as they are active around water. All of our hunting pictures and most of our fights and cubs are also taken in the summer. So despite the heat it's a great time to come and see tigers.

Now the light is nowhere near as glorious as November and if it's light you want, plus seeing Ranthambhore in all its' glory, then opt for our November safari. In April the light is ok for the first hour in the morning, with a soft yellow light first thing. Then it gets harsher but we can still work well with it as we have always done. In the afternoon when we enter it will be hot but there should be tigers in water, towards sunset the light gets nice again and sunsets are dusky. 

One thing to note, at this time of the year the park looks parched and the deer species don't look at their best. So tigers are the main show, alongside owls and lots of migrating birds like paradise flycatchers that live around the waterholes.

All of these pictures were taken in the summer months, it's a great time to see tigers!

2025 Tiger Expectations

So you need to take this with a pinch of salt as we are just guessing at this stage but we think that there could be a lot of action. Two families of tigers, Arrowhead and Riddhi, will have cubs that have reached or are about to reach maturity. This will mean quite a lot of big tigers walking around independently and getting upto no good. They will not have left their home zones yet and this is the time when we could see some fighting too. Certainly the young tigers will be learning to hunt, which means we could get a lot of action at this time. Of course a lot can happen between now and then so this is all guesswork, but it is based on experience and our choice of zones will reflect this. 

Ranthambhore Diversity

The park is very diverse and each zone has its' own character. There is also much more to Ranthambhore than just tigers, it's a wonderful place for the nature photographer and animal hugger and we spend time photographing birds, mammals, landscapes and just about anything we find!

Our daily Routine

Ok so we will be up early as the park opens at 6am and closes at 930am for the morning drive. We will then have breakfast at the Bagh, after which you are free (except lunch!!!) until 4pm when we leave for the afternoon drive returning at approximately 7pm. Multiply this by 7 and you have the daily routine!


We are staying for this trip in Poonam's new homestay Bagh. This has 6 individual rooms which private facilities and is very nice indeed. A lot of people are worried about food in India, and it's true that you can get horrendously sick. But the Bagh are very careful about their food and it's a very high standard, all of our clients love it so much! Breakfast is typically continental with an Indian twist, the omelettes are superb as is the fresh fruit on offer. Lunch and dinner are pure Indian, with a mixture of different dishes. Dinner is great as it's outside, with a Tandoor oven right there too for fresh bread. Beer is good and cheap. Vegetarians and vegans here have as much choice as anyone else. If you have a special diet request then please advise us before booking! 

The rooms are lovely, with solar powered air conditioning, hot showers and plenty of storage space.

It's a beautiful place with mature gardens, really a lovely nature feel with birds everywhere, you will love it!!!! We hosted our Indian wedding there as it's a place we call home and you will too.

Managing Expectations

You need to manage your expectations about tigers sightings on our tours. Whilst we try our best and are good at finding tigers, please do not expect to come for a week and go back with the kind of collection I have. It's true that I have been amazingly lucky in my trips to RB but this cannot be guaranteed. You will certainly see and photograph tigers, that is 100% and we GUARANTEE you that we will use all of our experience to turn a fleeting chance into an opportunity. We have the best team from the drivers / guides to the hotel to our connections. Of course you can go yourself but you'd be on a hiding to nothing and would get just false promises and zero help. So come with us and see tigers!!!

The Vehicles

We will be using two Suzuki Gypsy vehicles which are the only permitted ones in the park. They are "compact". Myself or Jamie will always sit in the front passenger seat to direct the driver for position during pressured encounters. In my vehicle I have my guide RajKumar whom I have had on all my RB trips. Three of you will sit behind me with Rajkumar. In Jamie's vehicle it's the same setup with a fantastic local guide too. Most shooting will be from the sides or the back, we will always position the vehicle for everyone, that is our job. The only blocked view in the vehicles is our seat at the front when the tiger is lurking behind us, but you will be able to see and photograph 360 degrees!

Gypsy's give excellent all round visibility for photography. But there is no shade from the heat and there is no room for a huge rucksack of kit ( you don't need one ). Most photography is hand-held and very fast paced, having a higher vantage point is an advantage with tiger photography! They are perfect vehicles for what we need.

The Social Side

My trips are conducted on a very social basis. There is a very relaxed attitude to everything, at night we all gather for beers and food. The chicken tikka as a post safari snack is to die for. 

Ribbing and ritualised abuse is encouraged. If you show us a weakness, expect it to be mercilessly exploited! You will get to know everyone on the trip well as you will be rotated round the vehicles every day. We only have great people on our trip, if you've not been with us before then you will need to apply and see if you fit in with our way of working. 

As part of the fun all clients are now supplied with cool branded clothing for the season, for the Summer it's a stylish safari shirt and camouflage cap.

About Jamie Peters

WO2 Jamie Peters been an Army Photographer for the past 11 years. During that time he’s been to many places photographing the army including Afghanistan, Kenya, Nepal, Ukraine and Sierra Leone. In that time he has been an instructor at the Defence School of Photography, Combat Camera Team Leader and is now the Chief Photographer for the NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.

Jamie has won awards for his stills and videos in the past including the prestigious and fiercely competitive Army Photographer of the Year. His real passion though is nature photography and he spends his time photographing tough species near his home. He has led tours with me in Africa and India and his experience not only covers fieldcraft but all genres of photography and videography.

Andy has known Jamie for 10 years and Jamie was the best man at Andy's wedding. He shoots with a mirrorless Sony system and is an expert on Ranthambhore.

Working with me

I've put this section in for those who have not worked with me before, the rest of you can just smile and ignore it! I'm very focussed on getting tiger pictures. Very. This means in my vehicle I will be very quiet at the front, talking options with "The Boss" and trying to second guess what is best for everyone. In times of severe stress during a fast encounter I expect silence in my vehicle so we can concentrate. If you are not silent I will tell you to be so! At all times though I will be giving you tons of advice about what to set and what to take, you will never be alone.

At any other time good natured ribbing is encouraged. I am approachable for help and you will see that I am known and respected by everyone in the Park. My job is to help you get the best pictures possible and that is what I will constantly strive to do. Jamie and I make an awesome team!

A Word about Fitness

You do not need to be fit for this tour, just the ability to be patient and trust in the experts! The nature of what we do means a lot of uncomfortable travelling and spending a lot of time sat in a small vehicle without the chance to get out as stripy things are closeby. Whilst we stop for toilet breaks whenever we can sometimes this is just not possible and in periods of activity it may be a while between breaks. Also the action is “explosive” as we go from nothing to all action within seconds and therefore very little time to prepare as you will need to always be ready to shoot. It's so much fun and if you like what you read so far then you will love it!!!


You will be met at Delhi International Airport from your flight and transferred to a nearby international standard hotel in Aerocity. The next morning you will be transferred down to Ranthambhore by comfortable Innova car, the transfer time takes approximately 4 hours. 

On the way home you have the usual drive back to Delhi in three cars, arriving in time for the early morning flight. If you wish to stay overnight for a flight at more reasonable hours then we can sort the hotel for you too!

We will provide full international flight recommendations once the trip is full.

Visas - the eVisa program is easy and you can get a visa online now in a couple of days. We will give you all the info nearer to the time. 


So here are a few vital bits of other info you might wanna know:

Park Closure - right now zones 1 to 5 of the park are closed on a Wednesday. So for this day we will do our safaris in one of the other zones that we know has the potential to yield great tiger pictures. For all the other drives you will be in zones 1-5. 

Climate - Hot all the time but you quickly get used to it.

Rain - It can rain at anytime of the year so always bring a rain jacket with you and also protection for your cameras.

Pre-Departure Info - Of course I will ensure that everyone single one of you is prepared fully for this trip with a series of informative newsletters before the trip (usually starting 4-5 months before). This will deal with simply everything you need to know ranging from visas to clothing to photo kit. Then when we are in RB you will get regular help and advice, both when we are shooting and in-between safaris. 

Social side - our trips are conducted on a very social basis and the evenings are a chance to have a nice drink with good food and chat.

Privacy - All my tours have a strict "what goes on tour stays on tour" rule. Therefore there will be no daily BLOGS published or images of anyone on the trip before the groups agrees to it at the end of the trip. Therefore by signing up you agree to this! Under Data Protection laws you will not know the names of other participants before the trip either. This is to maintain our client's privacy at all times, which is very important to us.

Insurance - it is essential that you get comprehensive travel insurance, including if possible cancellation due to Covid restrictions. At the very least get cover for cancellation and every other eventuality you can think of. It would also pay to get emergency medical repatriation cover, all decent policies should have this but please check!

Your Money - your money is held in a Trust account and therefore is 100% protected.

Cultural Extensions - if you would like to extend your tour to see more of India then we have a wide range of cultural and wildlife extensions that we can offer. We have been arranging them with clients for many years and give a very personal service. Please contact us after booking to discuss this. 


April 8th 2025 - Group departs wherever to arrive Delhi late evening, early morning, hotel stay at Aero City in Delhi

9th - breakfast then transfer to Ranthambhore arriving for lunch, check-in then PM Safari

11th - 17th  - Safari drives twice per day, Andy & Jamie will leave after final safari for Delhi and flight home due to personal committments

18th - early morning fort visit, vacate rooms after lunch before departure to Delhi, dinner then head to airport for early morning flights home. Those extending their trip will stay overnight in Delhi and onwards at this point.

April 19th - home!

Price and Booking

So the price is £7995 per person. 

If you are single traveller no problem you will be in a single room as standard. 

This price includes everything Delhi to Delhi except tips, copious alcohol and items of a very personal and pleasurable nature. 

Because of the unique cancellation conditions of this trip (detailed below), the deposit is £2500 and this is totally non refundable under any circumstances. The balance will be split into two halves due 4 months and 2 months beforehand. It is therefore vital that you read and understand our cancellation policies outlined below, as by booking with us you accept them and agree to abide by them.

We will not book any permits or transfer any money until the tour is full and we will advise you when that is the case.

So if you wanna come then you will need to email us and we can take it from there!

Hope to hear from you....

Cancellation conditions

We just want to explain why our cancellation conditions are as they are.

In light of the unique booking situation concerning day permits and the Forest Department / local costs we have some quite strict cancellation conditions that you need to read and understand. Once safari and government permits are booked, the names are fixed and that's that, they cannot be changed. Not our rule but the Indian Forest Department's one of strictly no changes allowed after booking. 

Therefore this is not like other tours where we can simply replace you with someone else and refund your money if you cancel. We cannot replace you, as this exposes other people on the trip to cancellation as well as a loss of revenue for those on the ground. Plus there are all the guiding fees too as we still have to run the tour. So hopefully you can see the reason for our strict cancellation terms, it's a unique situation that we wish were different but it isn't.

That is why all deposits, and then the subsequent balances, are non refundable. Of course things happen. Clients have had success so far with cancellations for medical reasons and that is what good insurance covers. This is why it is vital that you take out good travel insurance to cover any eventuality. We are genuinely sorry that we have to operate to these strict cancellation terms, but a bad experience has necessitated us to do that and we have to protect other clients on the trip. Booking these permits is a unique situation and it is the forest department terms that make them non refundable, not us!

By making a booking with us you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions


  1. The meaning of some words used in these Terms and Conditions.
  2. We, us or our is a reference to ARWP Ltd.
  3. You or your is a reference to the person to whom we are providing our services and who is required to pay for the services we provide.
  4. Services means the trips, tours, tuition or workshops we will organise. The precise services we will be providing to you will be started in the literature including website(s) and newsletters advertising the services on offer and as we may agree from time to time
The Terms

  1. Legally binding contract
    1. A legally binding contract between you and us will come into being when you accept the offer of services from us by booking your place.
    2. We suggest that before you accept the offer and book your place you read through these Terms and Conditions.  If you have any questions concerning them please contact us.
    3. You should keep a copy of these Terms and Conditions for your records.
  2. Providing the Services
    1. Our aim is to always provide you with the Services using reasonable care and skill.
    2. There are certain situations or events which occur such as but not limited to adverse weather, non or poor appearance or wildlife, Acts of God, war, acts of terrorism, riot or civil commotion, fire, strike and government or other official intervention which are not within our reasonable control and will affect our ability to provide the services.  Where this occurs we will where possible attempt to recommence performing the services as soon as we are able to. In such circumstances there may be a delay before we can start or continue performing the services.  Sometimes we might have to bring the start time for the services forward.  If we are able to start or continue performing the services or bring the start time forward but you choose not to participate for any reason you will not receive any refund. 
  3. Expulsion from Services 
    You agree to act in a suitable and proper manner whilst participating in the services with particular reference to the safety and welfare of wildlife and the enjoyment of the service by other participants and their safety.  Should you be in breach of this we reserve the right to expel you from the services and in those circumstances you would not receive any refund. 

  4. Cancellation by us   
    If we cancel the services you will receive a full refund. If Andy Rouse is not able to lead the tour for reasons of health or any other unforeseeable event then the tour will still take place and a suitable guide replacement will be provided of the same quality and experience. 

  5. Cancellation by you
    1. Once we and you enter into a binding contract you will not be able to cancel the contract.  This is so that the services we are providing can continue for the benefit of other clients.  Any money paid by you will not be refunded whereas paid as a deposit or in full payment. 

  6. Insurance 
    It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate travel or other insurance to cover all eventualities where you do not receive a refund from us.

  7. Restrictions and Assumptions 
    We will assume that all information and facts that you provide are accurate and true such as your level of fitness or health if this is relevant to the particular services.  It is your responsibility to draw to our attention anything which may be relevant or which may affect you from participating in the services we provide before booking and making your payment to us. 

  8. Exclusion and Limitation of Liability 
    1. We do not exclude or limit liability for our negligence or negligence omission which causes you personal injury or death.
    2. We will not accept liability for any loss of or damage to photographic or any other equipment no matter how caused during or as a consequence of the services we provide.  
    3. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover loss or damage to photographic or any other equipment before participating in the services.
    4. In circumstances where we may be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you which is a reasonably foreseeable consequence of a breach by us of this Agreement, our maximum liability will be the amount of payment received from you for this particular service.

  9. Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999
    For the purposes of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 this Agreement is not intended to, and does not, give any person who is not a party to it any right to enforce any of its provisions.

  10. Entire Agreement 
    These Terms and Conditions of Business constitute the entire Agreement between us and you and shall apply to all services provided by us. The invalidity or un-enforceability of any particular term of this Agreement shall not affect the other provisions herein.

  11. Law and Jurisdiction
    This Agreement shall be governed and construed by the Law of England and you and we agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales. 

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