Working with Light Webinar

Learn how to control natural light

Our most successful webinar to date with 4 previous ones sold out, and so many photographers inspired to look at their photography in a different light. The workshop has been updated with awesome new images taken this year too but the core teaching is just the same as that hasn't changed one bit!!

A 5 module series of webinars that looks at how to shoot atmospheric images by working the light that you have. It's Andy's trademark style and the webinar has been built to give everyone a thorough grounding in all the techniques that he uses. It's an incredible webinar that will revolutionise your usage of light, all conducted in a professional yet fun and chatty atmosphere.

All sessions are presented live on Zoom @ 8PM GMT on weeknight (dates listed below), they all have a fun atmosphere and Andy will add new / recent images as well to ensure fresh content throughout. You will look forward to the inspiration that these evenings give!

Module 1 - Basic Principles

Duration 1 hour

In our Basic Principles webinar we set the scene for the whole series, looking at why taking control of your camera is so important. Andy has developed his own style for creating these kinds of images and for years he has been asked to run workshops showing how he creates them and the though process behind them.

This 1 hour workshop module will look at the simple reasons for wanting to shoot atmospheric images before Andy goes through his favourite atmospheric images chosen from his 20 year professional career, giving you the backstory on how they were taken.

Module 2 - The Golden Hour

Duration 1 hour

Overview - This module looks at how to best utilise the incredible light of the golden hour, the 1 hour before sunset / after sunrise when everything is pure and golden. 

Details - We start by looking at the compelling reasons to shoot at this time (as it does take some effort) and then look at every aspect of how to get the best results shooting at this time. We will cover everything from composition and lighting to fieldcraft and being creative. Everything tech will be covered with field based hints and tips throughout and summary screens at the end. It will simply be everything about the golden hour you need to know..and so much more.

Module 3 - Shooting into Light

Duration 2 hours

Overview - This module gets into the nitty gritty of Andy's trademark style, shooting into the light. Sidelight, backlight and his own style of "black light". Pure creativity that will set your images apart.

Details - This is a big subject that requires you to have a change of thinking and attitude towards your photography. Rome wasn't built in a day they say and that's why this webinar is 2 hours long. We look look at all the techniques and consideration that you will need to start producing these images, 50% in your head, 40% in camera and 10% post. Therefore we will be exploring the thoughts and techniques behind some of Andy's most iconic imagery. 

Module 4 - Before / After Light

Duration 1 hour

Overview - This module is designed to extend your shooting times by looking at techniques for shooting before sunrise and after sunset...and sometimes creating images in daylight that weren't there before!!!!

Details - We will concentrate on all the techniques associated with shooting killer silhouettes, from visualisation to composition to all the tech info that you need. We will also look at the technical and aesthetic side of using afterglow as well to give pastel like effects. All tech will be shown in great detail and there maybe an element of some post processing too.

Module 5 - Extra skills

Duration 1 hour

Overview - Rounding off the creative side of this webinar we look at a final set of skills to add to your creative toolkit. so that you can take advantage of any situation. Plus a discussion afterwards.

Details - This module looks at the benefits of taking a wider view with your photography, the techniques and compositions for creating atmospheric images in inclement weather (rain, snow, storms etc),taking abstract images and finally shooting in Monochrome and InfraRed.

Plus a summary of the workshop and some thoughts from Andy about how you can use everything that you have learnt in this workshop.

WildBunch Ticket Combo

So what is the WildBunch? Simply it's a modern and fun online community for like minded photographers. We've premium content videos from @wildmanrouse, inspiring talks on our monthly online Zoom club nights and fun challenges with stunning galleries to display the results. We are a friendly bunch, the club nights have a great atmosphere and all the challenges are so well supported. 

Now as a special Christmas deal you can get a combo ticket for Working with Light and annual WildBunch membership. It's the perfect way to put what you have learnt into practise in a safe and fun environment and save £24 on the usual price. See below for details.

Time and dates

We have arranged the timings to be as widely applicable as possible to European, USA and the Far East. We have avoided the weekend and picked the best available night we think!

Module 1 - Wednesday. 24th November @ 8PM GMT

Module 2 - Tuesday 30th November @ 8PM GMT

Module 3 - Tuesday 7th December @ 8PM GMT

Module 4 - Tuesday 14th December @ 8PM GMT

Module 5 - Tuesday 21st December @ 8PM GMT


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So you wanna come? Great! We will inspire you.

Tickets are only £99 for 6 hours of in-depth education including the recording for each session too!

If you want to join the WildBunch too then we have a special combo ticket priced at £150, which is a discount of £24.


Here are the answers to the most frequent questions that we expect you to ask, if you have anything else just click here to contact us.

Q. Will the sessions be recorded?

A. The sessions will be recorded and will be available to stream via a private link within a few days. If you miss a session don't worry you will be sent the link with everyone else. Please note that only the presenter sessions will be recorded, no user images or names will appear in the recordings to protect your intellectual rights. Personal recording is strictly forbidden, as is distribution of the videos of the presentations. 

Q. Can I ask questions?

A. Yep absolutely you can, at the end of every session we usually have a chat and a Q&A so this will be the perfect time!

Q. Do I need a good broadband connection?

A. If you can watch videos on YouTube or the web then your internet is well good enough for Zoom. We will not be showing movies as in our experience this does cause broadband issues. Before signing up to this event please ensure that you have a broadband connection as specified, we are not able to give refunds for any poor connection issues during the day. If your web drops out during a session or something comes up then don't worry, you will have the recording to catch up on everything.

Q. Can I access from my smartphone?

A. Of course but we don't recommend it. To get the full experience and see the images in all their glory you ideally need a laptop or better still connect the laptop to your TV! So please don't access the session by phone if you want the best experience.

Q. How safe and secure am I during the workshop?

A. Your online security is of vital importance to us. We will use a waiting room before entry. Our meeting address and password will be secret and only shared with registered delegates. During presentations all videos will be switched off and so will audio. You can hide your video feed at any time, many users do this and it's perfectly fine and under your control. So you will be as safe as we can make it.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. Due to experience our policy is simply that once you have made your booking then no changes / cancellations are permitted at any time. 

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