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TV Work

Andy is a charismatic presenter who is an expert on the wildlife that he photographs. His 13 part Wildlife Photographer series on Channel 5 and Animal Planet had great reviews, with several pick of the day choices, and some live TV promotion on Richard & Judy. He is able to carry a series on his own, or appear as a guest wildlife expert. As a professional wildlife photographer he has an extensive knowledge of animals, has no fear of even the biggest and most fearsome species and is an expert on fieldcraft (animal tracking, interpreting signs etc). He has the ability to communicate in an everyday easy-going style and is able to ad-lib and make the most of any situation. Having a camera by his side gives his presenting style some extra clout as he has a reason to be in close proximity to the wildlife that he is talking about. Other notable appearances include 5 video diaries for BBC1 Countryfile, BBC2 Natures Calendar ( took presenter deer stalking ) and Carlton ITV Year of the Hare ( guest "expert" presenter ). His current ambition is to appear on BBC Springwatch.

A couple of years ago Nikon and Practical Photography ran a competition where the prize was an all expenses paid trip to photograph Mountain Gorillas with Andy in Rwanda. Well here is the video of the trip, showing Andy presenting adhoc without a script throughout.

Here is an advert he shot for Nikon which was aired on the National Geographic Channel.

Radio Work

Andy loves working on the radio and is always considered to be a fun and knowledgeable guest, able to enthrall the listener with tales of his travels and the animals that he has worked with. He has appeared on countless radio shows, including several live phone-ins, and is always happy to appear if his schedule permits.

Hear a BBC Radio Wales interview with Andy and Roy Noble about Gorillas

Hear a BBC Radio Wales interview with Andy and Roy Noble about Tigers

Hear a BBC Radio interview with Andy and Bernie Keith about tigers and his career

Hear a National Geographic interview with Andy and Boyd about drunken gorillas


Andy is represented by David Foster Management so please click here to contact them about using Andy for your event.

Come and hear all about Andy's latest adventures at one of his evening shows. A great night out for all interests, gorillas welcome.

Everyone love's Andy's pictures so we've made a whole series of themed galleries for you covering wildlife from around the globe.

 Gorilla Project
Gorilla Project
Andy's Mountain Gorilla project is dedicated to helping their conservation. Read all about the project and how donations from his book are used in the field.

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