Diving Gannet Extravaganza 2019


Price: £525.00

Come with AndyR to see one of the greatest wildlife spectacles in the UK and get some great pictures too!

Diving Gannet Extravaganza!!!

Date: Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th September 2019

Price: £525

Includes: 4 x gannet fishing trips, 6 buckets of fish per trip and services of Andy Rouse as experienced pro


It's one thing to photograph Gannets on the cliffs but the holy grail is to get them diving into water. Watching Gannets diving frantically into the sea right next to the ship is simply amazing. Well this is exactly what this great workshop will do. Now the usual is to go out once, do the session and come back, that's it. If you have bad weather that day it's a wasted trip. Well we have something different to maximise the trip and ensure that you get the best chances of getting the best images with the guidance of a very very experienced pro - that's me!! So here's what's included:

1) Four diving sessions over the course of 2 days so you will get 4 chances to get great pictures. That could be 2 sessions each day or 4 sessions in one day if the weather looks dodgy! This is exclusive to Andy and everyone says that it gives them better pictures as a result as you learn from each experience and get better results the next time. On one run you could just do wide angles, on another flying, on another them erupting out with fish.

2) We have limited the number of photographers to 10 rather than the usual 12. This is to give you extra room to move and get the shots that you want.

3) Plus you will get the full benefit of Andy's expertise with full pre-departure information, an extensive technical briefing before each shoot and his expertise throughout. He has a good mastery of action photography and has worked out how to get the best from the Gannet action. He will also run the chumming session in a slightly different way to other trips.

No other operator does any of this, proof that this trip is something special that you cannot get elsewhere. Of course it costs a lot more to run it but you are getting much more chances in return, particularly with the weather!

Here's a few pics for you....

Wow!!!! So remember you will have Andy's expertise on hand all the time to help you plus you get 4 sessions and extra room on board. You will need Andy's expertise on this trip as it can be tough to capture the action and very confusing where to start when there are so many birds. 

Under the Waves

It's great above the waves but totally amazing underneath too! So we will give you the chance to use a Go Pro on a stick or even a housing to try underwater footage. It's quite a long way from the side to the water so you will need experience at doing this, it's too far to lean over. But perfect for a monopod with a Go Pro on top. These are taken with my 5D4 in a housing...

Day Plan

Our departures are governed by the tides so here is the plan:

Monday 9th September 2019

Arrival and welcome, likely a Thai meal to all meet

Tuesday 10th September 2019

Sailing time - 6.15am

Wednesday 11th September 2019

Sailing time - 6.15am

We will leave from Bridlington Harbour and it takes 1 - 1 1/2 hours to reach the feeding grounds depending on the tides. On the way out Andy will be giving a full briefing on everything that you need to know, from exposure to autofocus to any tips and tricks you will need to get great shots. That is why you have his expertise on the ship. Then everything depends on the weather. If both days are forecast good then we will do two feeding sessions per trip out with a 1 hour break in-between. Doing this will allow you to assess what to change for the next session!

A Word about the weather....

It's the North Sea so it's not fun at any time of the year. It can be flat enough to canoe, it can have a slight swell or it can blow a gale. Our boat is a fishing vessel with an experienced captain. There is no shelter on board. If the weather is bad we will not go out. The advantage of having 4 trips over 2 days is that the weather will be assessed for each day individually.  On an average year about 1/3 of sailings are cancelled due to inclement weather. That's the North Sea for you, but the reward is great! That is why we do two consecutive days.

If we do not go out for a session you can goto Bempton Cliffs or any one of the nearby nature reserves as we will always tell you our plan. I am present purely to run the Gannet Diving Experiences and that's all, so there will not be any other formal workshop sessions. Of course I will be there to help throughout and we can all try to have dinner together in the evening, which will be great to exchange ideas etc.

Bad Weather Refunds - Unfortunately it's our policy that no refunds will be given for missed trips as we still have to be there and we must still charter  and pay for the boat regardless. It's important that you must understand this when you make the booking. BUT in the unlikely event that we cannot get out either day I will refund 40% of your money as I still have to pay for hotels and the boat charter regardless. 

Please note that in extreme cases, where we can see worsening weather, we may opt to do all 4 diving sessions in one day. This will mean that we will be out for in excess of 8 hours but there are basic toilet facilities (see below). Note we may decide that we do all 4 sessions on the first day, this has happened before. In this case that we will be the end of the workshop, you will be free to leave once we get back to dry land or to stay and enjoy the next day but it's likely that I will leave at this time too. After all we will all have thousands upon thousands of pictures to edit!!!

We have actually done the 4 dive session 75% of times and everyone loves it!


Yes we have toilets! But they are very rudimentary. There is a "sit down" chemical toilet that is shielded in the cabin that is for the ladies and where a no2 is required by anyone. For the lads requiring a no1 there is a bucket in a sheltered and private location!!! Basic but essential, no one minded last year!


Anything from an 11mm to a 300mm will be perfect, nothing longer is necessary as we can control how close they are. More info closer to the time to everyone that has booked.


There is plenty of accommodation available locally, the Rags Hotel is right on the harbour and there is a lot that Air BnB can offer too.

Price and Booking

The price is £525 for both days. This includes 4 exclusive sessions on the boat and the services of Andy Rouse as your guide. To book your place on this great adventure just use the link above and you will be taken to our payment system. 

Once paid all monies are non refundable under any circumstances.



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