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Special fundraising page for the #OxygenForIndia appeal. 4 Years in the making, Andy and Aditya "Dicky" Singh's spectacular 160 page Tiger book on the life of one amazing tiger in Ranthambhore.

This is the fundraiser page for the #OxygenForIndia appeal sale on Sunday 2nd May

The Details

On Sunday 2nd May all profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the #OxygenForIndia appeal. It is a wonderful book and you can find all the details listed below. 

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Total donation made per sale = £19

The donation will be added to that received for the Tiger Talk and made on Monday May 3rd, with the amount made public on social media. All books will be dispatched before Friday May 7th. We will be using the British Asian Trust Oxygen for India Emergency Appeal for the donation. We have no affiliation with them but they are doing what is necessary, are very good at what they do and are buying oxygen concentrators and getting them there. Please feel free to check out their page here , our donation will be made to their Just Giving Page. 

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Noor, Queen of Ranthambhore

4 years in the making.

Hundreds of hours waiting, watching, hoping.

The result - the most amazing tiger book ever published. A 160 page celebration of stylish tiger photography and engaging story telling. Two photographers telling one compelling story in a collaboration of pure friendship.  Cute cubs to dramatic hunting sequences. Colour, monochrome and Infra-Red photography. 

Foreword by India’s foremost tiger expert Valmik Thapar. 

Supporting local conservation projects via Tiger Watch. 

The book has something for everyone:

For the Tiger Lover - we cover all aspects of Noor's life via a collection of stories about our most wonderful encounters with her. We've included other wildlife too, leopards, birds, deer all feature. The writing puts you right there with us at the decisive moments, it will captivate you and really bring the pictures to life. 

For the Photographer - the images will inspire you with a mixture of styles rarely seen in any wildlife book encompassing colour, monochrome and Infra-Red. With the latter we have a lovely Infra-Red portfolio showing Noor's territory in the harsh light of Summer. Plus you will get commentary throughout on what it's like being a Noor photographer AND two spreads of Photo Hints & Tips that you can use for your own photography.

Here's a few pages from the book...

Tiger Conservation

So as photographers where do we fit in conservation? Well we have both raised funds for conservation projects in Ranthambhore, the last one was to dig a well on the outskirts of Ranthambhore to stop tigers going into villages to get water in the dry season. You didn't see it on social? No because we took some of the profits from Andy's first tiger book and used them without any fanfare. Also from that book donations were made to several other NGO's as well. 

We don't make any claims about our conservation credentials, as we are just two tiger loving photographers. But what we do is to give wild tigers great PR throughout the world with our work, and allow others much more talented than we are to deliver their conservation messages more effectively by using our powerful imagery. We are PR agents for Noor and her fellow tigers. And that is the focus behind this book, we want you to love tigers like we do, and perhaps afterwards get involved by supporting one of the organisations that we highlight.  Only by supporting these great organisations and the valuable work that they do, and getting greater public awareness, will the tiger survive. We have all got to learn to live together in this expanding world, and that desire must come from within.

Personal Dedications

All books are personally signed by Andy Rouse. If you are buying this book as a gift, for a special occasion or just for yourself you may want it personalised...perhaps with just your name or a special message. It's part of the pleasure of giving. So once you have placed your order simply email us - andyrouse@mac.com with your order number and dedication. We will do the rest!

Delivery etc

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