Shoot Like a Pro - Creating Atmospheric Images


Prices From: £69.00

Come and learn from the master of atmospheric imagery and take your photography to the next level!

Date:    Saturday October 19th 2019
Time:    9.30am - 1.30pm
Venue:  Slimbridge WWT Centre, Gloucestershire
Price:    £69


Definition - creating a distinctive mood, typically of mystery, romance or nostalgia


Wanna learn how to Create Atmospheric Images that will make everyone go WOW??

Tired of shooting the same old images as everyone else?

Wanna learn how to shoot backlit, silhouette, low key, high key and use the weather to create compelling imagery?

Wanna get simple practical advice, irrespective of camera system, from a successful professional with 20 years experience?

Then come on this fun workshop and be inspired to push your photography to the next level.


Andy loves shooting atmospheric images more than anything else. It gives him the biggest buzz of all and he wants to share all of his experience with you to give you the confidence to do the same. So he will show you how he bends and warps light to create his multi award winning imagery, and how he refuses to settle for "normal" images or record shots. 

Theming each section, Andy will share with you not only the technical details of every image but the story behind them too! All of which will be illustrated with stunning examples of each technique. You will learn all about exposure, autofocus techniques and most of all composition and telling a good story. 

Whilst some basic processing is required for most images this is not a Photoshop workshop, Andy will be focussing on how to nail atmospheric images in camera.

In short this is a wonderful chance to learn how to improve your creative imagery from a master of it.


The workshop will take approximately 4 hours with breaks.

Once completed we will vacate the lecture theatre and move out to the wonderful reserve at Slimbridge WWT. Here you will find amazingly diverse collections of Wildfowl from around the world.  Many are in very naturalistic enclosures and if the sun is shining the light can be epic! Certainly the flamingos are probably the most photographable in the UK here. 

At this time of the year geese will fly in too plus Shelduck, Mallard, Pintail and many others. It's a lovely thing to see and again if the light is good then it's totally and utterly awesome! Dude.

Bits and Pieces

Timing - We meet at 9.30am for tea, coffee and a bacon / veggie sarnie outside the lecture theatre before a 10am start. We expect to finish the theory session by 2.15pm, with toilet breaks in between. Afterwards you can grab some lunch in the onsite restaurant or head out and do some photography. Slimbridge closes at 5pm.

Cameras - Please also remember that this is primarily a theory day and the practical element is really an extra so don't come with everything that you own, you will have 2 hours of light at best! The captive birds at Slimbridge generally need at least a 300mm lens whilst the wilder cousins you need to get a 500mm reach. Feel free to bring a tripod and whatever you need, the grounds are flat and easy to pull stuff around. 

Please note there is VERY limited room in the lecture theatre so please leave everything in the car until you need it.

Getting there 

By Road – Slimbridge Wetland Centre is conveniently located near to the M5 between Gloucester and Bristol.  Exit at either junctions 13 or 14 and follow the brown duck signs. The postcode for your satnav is GL2 7BT. There is ample car parking. 

By Public transport - Unfortunately there is no bus service directly to Slimbridge. The nearest services stop at the A38 leaving a walk through the village to reach the centre, which is along a very narrow and busy road and will take an hour. The nearest railway station is located at Cam and Dursley Station and is a 4 mile taxi journey away. Since our workshop is on a Saturday neither of these will be a good option.

Weather - since this is mainly a theory day we will run it no matter what the weather. If it is torrential rain all day then the workshop will still run!

Accessibility - All WWT centres are designed with accessibility in mind. At Slimbridge all of the paths are level and well made, although there are some gates to open. There is an access ramp and several disabled toilets throughout the site. Access to the lecture theatre is on the ground level so come in via the restaurant entrance. 

Booking your place

The cost of attending the workshop is £69, which is great value compared to other workshops run by professionals with the same experience as Andy. 

To book your place just use the drop down to select if you want the Veggie or Non Veggie breakfast option, Add to Cart then click on Cart on the top line. You will then be taken straight to our secure credit card system for payment. Once you have paid your place will be confirmed, if you do not receive conformation within 24 hours then please email us as it's been lost in the ether!

You will receive a message from Andy a week before the workshop and then a few days before with final details.

Once booked your place is completely non refundable under ANY circumstances!

We hope to run more of these workshops in different locations but it will all depend on the support that we receive for this workshop.


For those not wanting to do a day trip please click here for a Google search of local places to stay.



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