BBC Springwatch
14th September 2015

Great Crested Grebes and BBC Springwatch

Fora the past few months I have been working with several local families of Great Crested Grebes. It's been a fantastic project and initially I did it just for the stills, but then my good mate Chris Packham wanted me to put them on Springwatch. So I decided that I needed to provide the complete package, HD movies and stills. 

Since then it's been a busy time, trying to climb the enormous learning curve for producing HD sequences good enough for Springwatch whilst trying to take enough good stills. The Springwatch team came and spent a day with me to film the interview, our biggest challenge was stopping the local jackhammer which was ruining our sound!

Anyway my film finally appeared on Thursday (you can catch it on iPlayer). and what a great reaction we had from the viewers. It's been amazing and makes all the effort spent filming so worthwhile to see what a great job the Springwatch team did of bringing in all together.

Movie or Stills, the great dilemma

The biggest positive to come out of this project is my new confidence with shooting movie. Initially I used the 7D2 and that was fine, but soon I needed something more and in stepped the Canon C300. It's an amaaaaaaaazing piece of kit, that handles like a DSLR but produces the most incredible HD footage. Now I am used to the manual focus and focus pulling, waveform exposure, ND filters and how to edit in Adobe Premier Pro.

I see the movie side being vital to what I do in the future and I am already planning a lot more with the C300. My FotoBuzzers have seen several of my videos already as they are very much part of the stories that I am telling. So far though it's been very much shooting pieces to camera to help describe the scene but now I'm much 

more confident in actually shooting the wildlife. And I would go so far as to say that it's a lot of fun to do it, perhaps more so than stills as I've been shooting stills for a long time and it's pretty much second nature. 

So I face a dilemma now when I go out to shoot. I can take my stills camera and get images that I can actually get paid for OR I can take the C300 and take footage that I love shooting and watching, but which at the moment I don't have any commercial "out" for. Of course money is not everything and right now I've decided to start shooting a lot more HD movie as "stock". The more I do the better I will get at it, right now I won;t win away awards but then again my stills don't either anymore!!

My next filming trip will be Ospreys in July and the C300 will be all I am taking, as it's a killer with the 200-400mm lens. Awesome.

Crests of Fire

Crests of Fire is my first eBook. It tells the story of my project and my love affair with grebes through the use of 100 stunning images and informative text. Courtship dances, mating, nesting plus some incredibly atmospheric work, it's all there. It's been a very personal project for me, I have photographed day in day out for weeks on end, building up an incredible body of work. As you can see here the atmospheric images in it are really stunning, I am so proud of them and knew when I was taking them that they would be special.

For those not familiar with eBooks they are downloadable books that are formatted for tablets and desktops. Crests of Fire is formatted especially for the iPad BUT it works great on all other platforms as we have tested it. All you need is an ePUB reader like ibooks. Here's some sample screens for you...

Price is £6.99 so click here for the download page, here are some sample pages from the book.

Crests of Fire has a lot of my love for Grebes in it, you can read the text and see why they inspire me so much. It's educational too.

For photographers there is a popup icon on around 50% of the images describing the thought process behind them, camera settings and giving some hints and tips. It's the perfect resource to help anyone's photography. 

Download it today by clicking here for an incredible £6.99. It's the cheapest and best inspirational book you will ever buy, a must for nature lovers and photographers alike. 

We are already planning the next three eBooks as it's a cost effective way of delivering you great content, so please support us

Antarctica Expedition November 2017

Announcing our exclusive charter of the Akademik Ioffe between November 18th-30th 2017. We will spend at least 7 full days on the Antarctic Peninsula exploring the best sites. The Ioffe has an exceptional stability system and we will only take 94 passengers meaning a total of only 10 passengers per zodiac. Inside she has been fully refurbished, with nice cabins, a theatre, a central bar / lounge, a small gym, sauna, and a mud room for all of your landing kit (which they supply). Onboard for the photo mentoring you will have myself and Andrew James plus the Ioffe has a very high staff / passenger ratio. We have chosen mid November as this will ensure that Antarctica looks at it's most pristine.

Bookings are already underway from our previous travellers, Explorers Club and FotoBuzz and so far we have 1/3rd of the cabins booked. So click here for a full brochure and come with us!



What is FotoBuzz? Well it’s a fully-fledged learning and sharing community for photographers of all levels and we’re looking for more members to join our exclusive club. As a member you’ll benefit from numerous monthly articles aimed at helping you improve your photography, regular photographic challenges that will drive your creativity, stories and insight from professional photographers and the chance to interact with people who share your love of taking pictures. You can also sign up for some brilliant member-only workshops, holidays and experiences all run by in-house pros Andy Rouse and Andrew James. There really is no other place quite like FotoBuzz. It’s a totally safe, creative and fun environment where you’ll make friends, enjoy new experiences and see your photography grow. For membership details click here

And Finally

Well the past month has been a real whirlwind and a massive change to our lives.....

Meet Sabrina wei tang-rouse, a bundle of life who believes that sleep is for wimps and the world revolves around milk! Right now we are like most new parents, complete zombies full of sleep deprivation, but it's totally awesome too. I've been out with the camera too this week and will start to get out and about more next week. It's certainly going to change our lives but in a very positive way as she's cool!


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