New generation double ball heads with ZERO compromise and ZERO image creep that make your kit feel weightless

Announcing the FlexLine range of innovative Zero-Recoil double ball heads.

Weightless - Our next generation heads utilise our patented Zero-Recoil to hold your kit weightlessly in place. We call it positive balance. No more having to lock up your lens to hold it in place, our Zero-Recoil system does that for you, your heavy lens / camera stays exactly where you leave it.

No image creep - No more locking up your tripod head and having your precious composition vanish out of the frame. Our patented technology ensures What-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) imaging by preventing the image creep that happens on other systems. 

Horizon levelling - In the same way as other double ball heads, FlexLine heads allow to you quickly and reliably set a level horizon. We take it one step further though and then allow you to shoot freely without the need to lock up the head, a next generation double ball head. 

Three versions - there are 3 heads in the FlexLine family, Mini, Pro and Extreme. All heads have multi-use Arca Swiss clamps for universal mounts and we also make a range of plates too such as the low angle replacement lens foot for large lenses. 

Compact / Mirrorless option -  we also recognise that a new generation of photographers are using compact camera systems instead of dslrs. So the innovative Microfit system was born, comprising custom designed brackets and a special version of the FlexLine Mini head, uniquely sized and configured for compact cameras. With all the benefits of the Zero-Recoil system, packed into a small yet perfectly formed package, that's the Microfit Mini head.

Flexline spring-loaded double ball heads, it's the one that you want!!!

Zero Recoil

This is the heart of the genius patented design for Flexline heads. It’s what makes us unique. Just when you thought heads could not go any further we take them to another dimension. 

We've all done it, in a rush we've forgotten to lock up the head, pick it up then OUCH!!!! (other words are generally used but there may be impressionable people reading this. Which is different from impressionists who are either good at painting or making people laugh). Here at Flexline we value our fingers which is why we designed our Zero-Recoil positive balance system.

Our heads are very well trained. They stay exactly where you put them. No matter what the angle or the load, once you let go of your kit it stays right there. Like it's weightless. 

Long lens photographers rejoice! Dance up and down with a merry jig. Stick your big 400 / 500 / 600mm lens on our Flexline Pro / Extreme head, follow your subject and when you've finished photographing just let your lens go and we will hold it right here. Ready to photograph again with no delay and no wasted time locking / unlocking, all with the lightest touch. 

No more crushed fingers and choice words. No more watching your heavy lens tip forward and pull your tripod over a cliff. 

It's perfect for photography of all kinds but long lens photographers will really benefit from this innovative system. 

Its that simple. Our heads stay exactly where you leave them. 

Zero Image Creep

Image creep is that incredibly annoying thing that makes you want to scream and dance around naked in your wellies. Image Creep is a serious problem for all creative photographers, especially those who take long exposures, landscapes or delve into the macro world. We have all been there. You have setup the shot, endured rain, wind and snow, and it's gonna be an award winner. Then you tighten the tripod head and ARGGGHHHHHH the image you want moves out of the frame. You waste time setting it up again and again it happens. Sometimes, like with this sunset shot, you only have seconds to nail it and having to re-adjust and re-compose with guesswork will certainly miss you the shot.

It's worse with a big lens too... actually no it's probably worse with macro photography as it takes so long to line everything up in the first place!

Here at Flexline we listened to the needs of photographers out there and designed a patented solution to stop image creep forever! Yes that's right, with our heads there is NO image creep, they are true What-you-see-is-what-you-get solutions, saving you precious time. When you lock up our heads we preserve your composition and keep the image on screen. 

How do we do it? Ahhh well that's part of our patented magic that we will keep to ourselves. Of course we utilise our Zero-Recoil and positive-balance technology to ensure that our heads stay were you put them so you don't even need to lock up the tripod head for most of your photography. But if you need to then you can trust us to eliminate any image creep.

Horizon Levelling and Ergonomics

Double ball heads are not new and our inventor was involved in their design from the very beginning. 

So like other double ball heads, the Flexline heads have the ability to quickly and easily set the main ball level so that the second ball allows free movement of the camera / lens in a level plane. In other words no matter what the angle, within reason of course, you can set the head level and get perfectly straight horizons and level water. That's a given on all double-ball heads. 

Our heads take this a step further, because with our patented Zero-Recoil positive balance technology once you have levelled the horizon you can be confident that wherever you leave the lens it stays put. That's a big bonus, no more need to frantically lock everything up. 

We realise that you will not always be using your Flexline heads in perfect conditions. In fact many of you will be shooting in less than ideal conditions, wearing gloves, in low light, getting battered by wind and rain. So we have made the Flexline very easy to use. Its control knobs are all ergonomically designed, with the minimum grip required to move them. 

So a little movement from your finger tips translates to a big movement of the head no matter what the load. As all heads should be.

One Versatile head for all situations

Each FlexLine head has an arca-swiss clamp that can either mount a DSLR or a lens foot, so you can quickly change from long lens work to wide angle in the blink on an eye. With custom made mounting plates, including a long lens replacement foot, it's the perfect solution for all genres of photography. 

There are three different versions of the Flexline head, all have the core technologies and the only real differences are size and weight.....

Flexline Mini  - the smallest of our heads, the Mini is perfect for those photographers where weight is a premium consideration and where the lens load is quite light i.e. landscapes or macro photography. The Mini is available in two mount systems, the standard Arca Swiss or the innovative Microfit system for compact cameras.

FlexLine Pro - our most popular size which targets all genres of photography. It's light enough to carry around yet tough enough to support even the heaviest of lenses. 

FlexLine Extreme - our top of the range head, for the discerning photographer who wants to own the best of the best. 


Perfect for wildlife photographers

Using a long lens, perhaps a 500mm / 600mm, a 150-600mm or a 200-400 has never been easier and your kit will feel weightless to boot. You've no need to lock your lens up when you pause your shooting, it will be right there where you left it when you are ready to resume. Great for panning too as it's got a nice friction to the head so not too loose and not too tight! 


Perfect for macro photographers

Image creep for macro photographers is a real problem as it takes an age to line your shot up. Well that is a thing of the past, when you lock up our heads they stay right there, keeping your compositions intact. Plus using our Zero-Recoil positive balance system you've no need to lock up anyway so that's perfect for quick changes and nailing that shot.


Perfect for mirrorless / compact systems

A lot of photographers, pros and amateurs, are now using lightweight mirrorless / compact systems. To support them we have produced the Light head, our smallest, with a new mounting system called Microfit. With a range of custom designed plates, our Microfit Traveller head is the perfect solution to make the most of your compact camera system.


Perfect for aviation photographers

It's a fact of aviation life that most of our time we are staring upwards as our "subjects" thunder by overhead. The FlexLine Pro and Extreme tripods are perfect for you as our Zero-Recoil technology will keep your big lens where you left it, ready to pick up that shot when the action starts again. Great for airshows, lurking by airfields or some long exposure night work, our heads make your kit feel weightless. 


Perfect for portrait photographers

A good portrait photographer likes to shoot flexibly, as getting that perfect image is often the difference between getting paid or not!!! Using the levelling feature means you always get straight horizons plus you don't have to lock the head up to take a stable shot. But if you do need to lock everything up we preserve your composition by removing image creep, thus ensuring you get the most stable shot possible.


Perfect for landscape photographers

FlexLine heads are perfect for even the most demanding landscape photographers. You can shoot long exposures without locking up the head, but if it's windy or you just wanna lock it up, then a small twist of the dial and it's totally rigid. And we know you will know this by now, but when you tighten the head there is no image creep so all your time invested in lining up the foreground, and getting it level is not wasted.  

The FlexLine Family

Confused about which head to get, here's out little guide and a link to our store.


FlexLine Mini

The smallest of our heads, the Mini is perfect where weight is a premium consideration and where the lens load is quite light. With a maximum rating of 3.5Kg and a weight of 450g this is a compact powerhouse.  It's available in the standard Arca Swiss or the innovative Microfit system for compact cameras.



FlexLine Pro

Our most popular head and one that suits most photography applications and styles. It's rated to support a load up to 10KG so it can take the biggest lens and pro DSLR without any issue. It only weighs in at 680g so it's still perfect for travelling or carrying for long distances. Available as Arca-Swiss only. 



FlexLine Extreme

The big Daddy of the FlexLine range, this head is designed for the photographer who wants to own the best of the best. Weighing in at 1.1KG this head is rated to support a 20KG load, so can cope with virtually any system in the world. Perfect for any photographer who doesn't want to compromise on anything.



Here's the answers to some common questions that we are asked about Flexline heads....

  • Q. Are the heads suitable for making movies and videos?
  • A. Well yes they are very stable hence you can shoot without the need to lock everything up, Motion wise they are obviously not as good as a fluid head system, which is custom made for video use. But with the addition of a video panning handle (fits onto lens plate, sold separately) it is possible to track subjects in motion smoothly.

  • Q. Is the long lens replacement foot essential when using a long lens?
  • A. Essential no, advisable yes yes and yes. It makes using the lens so much easier and it's much quicker to set the centre of balance. So we think it is essential for complete satisfaction and the best operation.

  • Q. What warranty is offered as standard and what happens if I get a fault?
  • A. We offer 4.5 million year warranty as standard. In the unlikely event you get a breakdown just contact HQ from their main website and they will sort you out. 

  • Q: I centred the bubble so the head is level, but in the viewfinder the horizon doesn't look level?
  • A: Ok first check if the lens collar is in the proper position and also that your mounting plate is properly aligned (for mounting on lens foot this should be exactly in the direction of the lens, for camera mounting it must be horizontal underneath.

  • Q: My telephoto lens doesn’t stay in place as it should, it flops forward/backward.
  • A: It's vital that your kit if perfectly balanced when first attaching to the head, so spend time getting it's centre of balance perfect. The centre of gravity must be right above the Flexline head for it to work as designed.

  • Q: I cannot mount it on a tripod?
  • A: Check your tripod’s screw, it can’t be longer than 8mm.

  • Q: Can I use it for Panoramas?
  • A: Yes the FlexLine is great for panoramic photography as it moves only in the horizontal plane. But for correct operation you must take the time to set up the centre of gravity perfectly. 

  • Q: I cannot move the lever on he outer housing as it is stuck against the ball and has no more room to move!
  • A: Ahhh we thought of that, just pull it out, twist and you are then free to move it

  • Q: The silver knob looks very small, how can I secure the head with sufficient force ?
  • A: The securing mechanism requires very little input force, only a light movement with two fingers. It is very easy, even in gloves with cold hands.

  • Q: In what temperature ranges can I use the heads?
  • A: They have been tested and used from the Arctic to the Equator in all kinds of weather from -30 to +40 Celsius.

  • Q: Can use it in rain?
  • A: Yes, after that you should let it dry naturally.

  • Q: It is usable with the outer ball as a traditional ballhead, can I use the center ball (silver knob) in a vertical position of the camera?
  • A: For advanced users we recommend that, but first get a feel of the head. You can also use an L bracket of course.

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