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The Arctic Cat


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A stunning image that won the Nature's Best Polar Passions Category in the 2018 competition. It's an iceberg but do you see something else?

This is a very special print as it not only won the Polar Passions category of the Nature's Best Windland Smith Rice International Awards but it donates 25% of the profits to the Polar Bears and Humans project (see below).

The image shows a very recognisably shaped iceberg, some people see a Siamese Cat. That's why we call it The Ice Cat! 

We have a choice of two print finishes for this beautiful image...

Fine Art Giclee Photo Rag

The image will be printed onto fine art Photo Rag paper that has a lovely texture. The image size shown is the print size, there is a generous white border around it to allow for framing. Here is what the print will look like...

Fine Art Metallic Canvas

The tones in it are superb, with a real depth, and it is for that reason that we chose to print this edition as a Metallic Canvas with a subtle gloss varnish. Metallic Canvas creates amazing effects that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen from a canvas print. The finish is silver metallic; created with a unique blend of pearlescent materials. This is simply the highest quality pearlescent canvas available and our tests look incredible with this print. Canvas prints suit all room types, where there is an excess of light and also an absence of light, in fact they look great anywhere and in our house we only have canvas prints. They are also very light so easy to hang, just pop a nail in the wall and bingo you have your wall art in seconds. 

Here's a video about it, check it out!

And here's what it looks like on the wall!

Image shows an 80cm canvas

Print Details

This open edition print is available only as both a fine art Giclee print and a fine art ready to hang Metallic Canvas. The size quoted is the length of the longest side. 

Polar Bears and Humans Project

Polar bears and humans have a long history in most parts of the Arctic. Ever since the Inuits encountered the polar bears hundreds of years ago, there has been more and more interaction with this large predator. Today, hunting, scientific activity and tourism are directly interfering with the life of the polar bears. Climate change and pollution, also linked to human activity, is also affecting the Arctic King.

Some important questions are, how many polar bears are killed annually? Is this hunting sustainable? Is the population of polar bears decreasing or increasing? Is the current polar bear management successful? Are there any red flags regarding the trade of polar bear skins? Are there any alternatives to hunting for the Natives? These are some of the questions very few authors, researchers or organizations are asking. In this project we want to publish information about these topics, and address important conservation actions.

The first outcome of this project will be a high quality book, in format 29×26 cm, that will combine scientific facts, photo stories and interviews. Since there is scarce literature containing detailed information about these topics available today, this book will be important to drive involvement of people and organisations in Arctic conservation. Ole J. Liodden is the founder of this project and will be the main author and photographer, but we also want to engage people like you to make this project successful.

We are pleased to donate 25% of the profits from the sale of this image to support Ole's project as it is vital to polar bear conservation. 

Final Bits

This limited edition print is available as both a fine art Giclee print and a fine art ready to hang Metallic Canvas. The size quoted is the length of the longest side. 

Want a bigger canvas then that's no problem just email us!!

Delivery - Since we only make a quality product each canvas is made to order. Therefore it can take upto 14 working days from order to you receiving your wonderful package. If you have an urgent birthday, or it's for a short notice leaving gift, then simply email us and we will try our best to help as long as it's not less than 7 business days. Your package will be delivered by a registered courier in drop proof packaging. 

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