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1st Chris Packham video report on the Maltese Bird Massacre
1st Chris Packham video report on the Maltese Bird Massacre

Malta Massacre, a Chris Packham story
Malta Massacre, a Chris Packham story

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Nature's Best win!
Blog Update November 9th

It’s been a busy few weeks with big presentations at PhotoLive & WildPhotos, a couple of seminars in Ireland for Mahers Photographic plus the start of my Wild About Animals theatre tours at Cheltenham and Monmouth. Behind the scenes it is hectic with most of my time being spent working with Andrew James on FotoBuzz, it’s getting there! Oh yes and there is the small matter of my long awaited Little Owl book being released!!! So I thought I would group it all together in one BLOG update, here you go.....

Competitions and more competitions

Ah competitions, can’t live with them and can’t live without them! Over the past few years I have tried to wean myself off competitions as it’s hard not to take rejection personally. Certainly in the early days of my career I did take it all too personally, but these days I have a different philosophy. As long as I like my pictures, and my clients do too, then I’ve stopped caring about it if some judge rejects my image in favour of something else. Competitions are always such a lottery, and we all know that when we enter. All that I and everyone asks for though is a level playing field with the judging. I used to get very annoyed when I did not do well in competitions, now I don’t expect to get anywhere and enter for fun so it’s a lovely surprise when I do. This year I have entered all competitions with the same attitude and I have done quite well in some. In fact for the past few weeks I have been sitting on some news that I have been itching to tell you all about so here goes!

Nature’s Best winner!!

I was told at the weekend that I had won the African section of the Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice Awards 2013. I guess it’s the US equivalent of the WPOTY, certainly it’s the main nature photography competition across the pond. Nature’s Best magazine is a beautiful collection of wildlife imagery, stunningly produced and a magazine that I have been a subscriber of for years.

I have had good success in this competition in the past, but to win the Africa category means a helluva lot to me. I get a lot of Highly Commended images in the big competitions, and you will see some of those received this year (7 in total) here but to win a category is just brilliant.

Anyway wanna see the image, well here it’s called A Light from Heaven.....

A beautiful moment in the Masai Mara, proof that a big lens is never the key to good safari photography. Many of you that follow my work will know this image and you will know that I always thought that it was something special. I am sooo glad that the judges at Nature’s Best believed in it and I am sooo pleased to get the award. It will be exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute next Autumn and I am planning to go Stateside to see it. I may even run a couple of US based seminars and shows too if I can find the right sponsor to help me along.

I have had a few requests for prints for this image so have added it to my online store as a Giclee or Canvas open edition. I kept it as an open edition to keep the price down. So click here to see it on the online store.

This image is actually one of a pair that I shot and I have always had a problem deciding which one I love more.....

It’s wider angle yes and the giraffe is smaller, but I like the way that the giraffe is dominated by the clouds. Since I could not decide I have made this into an open edition too! Click here to see it on the online store.

As well as the category win I achieved Highly Honoured with the following two images:

You can buy the print for this one by clicking here

You can buy the print for this one by clicking here. I have called it Whack!!!!!

Now you don’t have to be Andy Rouse to do well in this competition, you just have to have belief and good shots. Next year’s competition opens in January 2014 so make damn sure you enter! At FotoBuzz we will be having regular competitions too but with a twist!


Earlier this Summer I achieved four highly commended awards in the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year. A lot of people that follow me think that I just travel abroad and never photograph our native wildlife in the UK, well you are wrong! I love working in the UK, the challenge is getting away from everyone else! I also love supporting the BWPA, it’s great to have a competition that focusses solely on British wildlife and gives a fair chance for any of us to do well. In fact when you look at the prize winners over the past few years there have been mostly amateur photographers winning the awards, which is great for the competition and for everyone who thinks they are not good enough to enter. You are and you gotta be in it to win it! Congrats to everyone this year who did well and for Maggie for doing such a good job of organising it all again.

So here is my favourite of the 4 images, which I have entitled Big Ears!!

I just love the combination of the light and the expression, the composition works pretty well too! As with all the others I have made an open edition print for you, so once again click here to see it.

European Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition

I have always loved this competition but its sooooo tough to get anything through. My wildlife didn’t win anything this year despite getting in the finals but incredibly it was one of my landscapes that did!!!

A beautiful evening at Austfonna on Svalbard, greatly enhanced by Lee ND Grad and Polariser filters. Hand-held, no tripods, no hours of setup waiting for light, just purely a picture that was there for just a moment. I was in the right place at the right time. Proof that no matter what your chosen genre, if you understand the basics of photography then you can take anything. But don’t worry I will not become a "Two rocks in focus five miles apart" merchant!!!!!

As always this print is now added to the online store too, click here to see it!

Little Owl Prints

As part of the promotion for the Little Owl book several newspapers have been running portfolios of my Little Owl pictures and one seems very popular indeed....

In fact several of the newspapers likened it to the John Cleese Ministry of Silly Walks! Now unfortunately I cannot show the images here as it would breach the photographer’s copyright, but click here to see the Daily Mail page.

Now it has sparked quite a few requests for prints so I have added it to the online store, click here as usual to see it. It’s a special gift canvas so prices are very very reasonable as it would make a fun gift for anyone!!

Little Owl Book

The Little Owl book is selling very well and I have had some lovely comments about it, especially the final atmospheric portfolio. Seems that most of you have a soft spot for these lovely owls and I am so glad to have struck a chord with this book.

Some people have written to me asking why the book is not available from their local bookstore or Amazon? Well the main reason is that I like to personally sign all books to make them that extra special. It’s so nice to receive a sign book from the author isn’t it?

So signed Little Owl books are available from my online store, currently shipping time is less than a week so get your XMAS present ordered early! Click here to purchase your copy....

Wild About Animals Theatre Show

The first few Wild About Animals theatre shows have gone very well indeed, comments from all attending have been great and I have been feeling very relaxed on stage with all the audiences. The questions have been really superb too and this week this will take on an additional edge as Andrew James will be on stage with me at Lichfield and Stafford to ask me some very searching questions about my life as a professional photographer. Anyway tickets are going fast for all venues so please support me and book early - click here for the main ticketing page.

Antarctica 2014 and Svalbard 2015

Our exclusive Antarctica cruise for October 2014 has now reached 70 bookings, so we only have 5 cabins left. Please do get in touch here if you’d like to see more details about this amazing adventure.

I am about to complete the brochure for the Svalbard 2015 season, with an early season departure for our mini cruise ship M/S Quest and a slightly later one for the expedition ship M/S Stockholm. I expect details to be announced first to my Explorers Club within a week then to the general mailing list around 5 days later.

Gorillas 2014

There is a good chance that we will be running some Gorilla treks in April 2014. These are a little last minute yes but we ave managed to get some permit availability to do it. Likely Andrew James will be running a 3 day trek (he has shared 5 gorilla treks with me already so is very experienced) and I may be running a 4 day trek. Please don’t ask us for details yet as we don’t have them but there is a good chance that we will do this so watch this space!

And Finally

We are working hard on FotoBuzz and the website is shaping up well. I am not going to reveal any more news yet in this, when we are ready to launch we will. Andrew and I are working on a seminar for early February which will be open for all and aims to inspire you to achieve more with your photography. More news soon, I will now go and celebrate my Nature’s Best win with a few beers!

Little Owl Book Published!!!
Finally it is here. The result of 10 years working with Little Owls, countless hours / days / weeks in the field, my beautiful Little Owl book is finally available on the online store......

The book is the story of three very different Little Owl families, looking into their lives and their daily struggle. It’s an intimate portrait of their lives, using all my styles of photography and pushing my photography to the limits. I am really delighted that I had help from two people too, Chris Packham wrote a wonderful foreword and Dr Emily Joachim wrote the inspiring conservation section. It’s a visual feast for all lovers of wildlife and photography, here’s a couple of spreads....

Trust me it’s really beautiful. 96 pages, 26cm square, packed with images and informative text. There is a section too for photographers, looking at a few of the images in the books and giving technical details for them plus some hints and tips.

It’s a wonderful study into a very very popular owl, one that belongs in our countryside.

The book is now available signed from my website and is NOT available from Amazon or any other sources at this time. This book is self published and printed in the UK, please support our enterprise by purchasing this book.

To order your copy simply click here to access our online Book Store.

Special Deal - ARWP Book Bundle

To celebrate our new deal with couriers UK Mail we have a special book bundle for you. You can get 2 of Andy’s self published books for £40, saving £10!

Yep you can choose from three packages - Little Owl + Gorilla, Little Owl + Tiger or 2 Little Owls for the discount price of £40. This is for UK mainland customers only.

Please click here to access our online Book Store.

Wild About Animals Tour

Thanks for all the nice comments about the Wild About Animals show last week and the weekend’s talk at Wild Photos. The theatre tour now starts in earnest with venues around the UK so please do come along and see some amazing images, hear some fun chat and that see that video of yours truly being well and truly upstaged by a Capercaillie!!! For all ticket details and venues please click here.

R.I.P Olive my beautiful girl
Yesterday I started to hear the distressing news that our Olive, our much loved leopard of the Mara, had been killed. I decided to wait to write something on here until I had heard from Jackson, well this morning he sent me this image which confirms our worst fears:

She was killed by lions, which for such an experienced leopard was a strange way to go. She wasn’t young, 14 years old at the last estimate, but she was certainly no old, disabled leopard. I saw her about three weeks ago, hunting as normal, stalking flat to the ground and looking the vision of health. Of course things change and it’s a sad fact that she’s gone now for good. It’s a very strange post this one to write as the previous one on here showed my first morning in the Mara when you can see the elation that we had found Olive.

So why do we all love Olive so much? It’s simple really, she gave so many of us wonderfully intimate glimpses into the life of a leopard. Personally myself and my clients have shared some wonderful experiences with her, watching her hunting, killing, sleeping and just doing what leopards do. She’s been a great mother, with 4 different generations of young which have grown up to hold their own territories. Two of these, Bahati and Saba, have stayed in her territory and have growing fan clubs of their own. Of course some people might think it strange that we all have such a special affection for a single leopard, well Olive was just a very special cat and I know that this morning many many people will be very sad indeed. Jackson and I have always had a special place in our hearts for Olive and so I wanted to round off by showing you a gallery of images that I have taken of her over the years. Let’s remember her as the special cat that she was, R.I.P Olive, gone but never forgotten......

Most of you will have come here from Facebook and I know it’s a pain to go back, but please do go and place a comment or a like on my Fan Page so show her the respect that she deserves.

Goodnight Olive, it will not be the same being on safari without you.

1st morning in the Mara
My first morning in the Mara and I it started out great. After a brief spell with a herd of wildebeest we managed to get onto Olive, my beloved female leopard. She is my muse, I cannot stop photographing her as I have followed so much of her life. To me she is not just a photographic subject, as I saw a few others treat her as this morning, she’s a beautiful leopard that has shared so much of her life with me. I get a very special feeling when I spend time with her, whether it be a few seconds or a few hours. Anyway here’s a couple of my favourite shots from the sequence:

Beautiful isn’t she?

Now I know that you will all want to see more but posting will be very limited from this trip for two reasons. The first is to be fair to my clients that are about to join me, it’s unfair to post pictures taken with one group when a second group is coming out. And secondly because of fotoBuzz.....

You heard me mention fotoBuzz before. Well apart from the tutorials, learning zones, assignments, competitions, mentoring and general photo fun there will be a section called Inner Visions. It will be the place where I will be able to do what I have always wanted to, shows you lots and lots of my images that you never see and tell you how I took them. I’ll will look behind the images and tell you my compositional, technical and creative thoughts. It’s gonna be amazing trust me and so I want to save a lot of images from this trip to use as teaching aids to improve your photography. So Andrew James and I will be doing just that. Anyway I promise to sneak a few images through this week so keep watching and as always please update FB / Twitter with your comments as it takes a lot of time to keep peddling the bicycle that drives the broadband connection here.

Oh I’d like to dedicate these images to the wifey, Jackson, John and Dickson, you all know why!

BLOG Update August 2013
It’s been a busy few weeks for me and it’s gonna get a lot busier for the rest of the year. A couple of weeks ago I was photographing Ospreys in Scotland with some great clients. It was a fun time, we worked damn hard and managed to all come out with some great pictures. Here are a few of my favourites for you.....

I will be announcing next year’s tours in September so if you want to come with me (I already have one tour fully booked before announcing it!!!) then be quick on the button. One thing is for sure, ospreys are very very very cool birds and well done Rothie!

Africa Bound

I am heading to Africa now, for two weeks of client safaris in my own camp with my old friends Jackson and Johnny Njenga. I have some very very very excited clients too, which is great, I am really looking forward to mentoring them. Last year of course I was there with my friends Nozza and Dazza, it was all hush hush then as I was testing the 200-400. Well I will have it with me this time in the open and cannot wait to use it again. I am still thinking of taking my big 600mm too, just in case a client needs it in the vehicle. I will probably leave it to the last minute and decide tmrw. I definitely think that the 200-400 makes me a better photographer, anyone can fill the frame with a big lens, the skill is in the composition. The migration is always a fabulous time to be in the Mara and this year it will be very special as we have a unique bush camp exclusively for us.

Of course the Mara is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s busy, if you want the one vehicle per animal type of sighting then you’ll have to head south and pay top dollar for it. But for me the Mara delivers as I know that all of my clients will be able to take decent pictures of lions, leopards and cheetah during their time with me. That’s my job and I love making their dreams come true.

Anyway here are a couple of images from last year.....

I will try to update a little on here from the bush but the main content of my trip will be saved for my fotoBuzz members (coming soon).

New Owl Workshop Date with Andrew James

Andrew’s first workshop is now fully booked so we have pleasure in announcing his next Owl Workshop on Friday the 25th October 2013. Perfect for a little Autumn colour, this workshop will be great for photographers of all levels. So come along and learn from Andrew’s extensive experience (ex editor of PP) and get some great pictures too! Click here for the info page.

Wild About Animals

The Wild About Animals Theatre Tour is selling well and we are starting to book dates for next year too which will be announced soon. Also a date has been scheduled for the RGS London for January 2013, tickets will be available soon. Anyway I appreciate everyone’s support for this tour as I am booking and paying for the theatres myself, so everyone is welcome!!!! Please click here to see ticket details for all events.

Wex Airshow on September 9th

As you all know I love aircraft and have been organising a few corporate airshows at Stow Maries aerodrome in Essex. Well together with Wex Photographic we have organised a superb day of photography, which includes 2 x 2 hour flying sessions with a full sized aerobatic duo, a stunning display by an aerobatic champion and then a superb display by 4 of the very best jet model pilots in the country. Check out these images I took of the models, they are awesome and soooo fast!!

I know, sooooooo cool. Anyway during the day I will be there to help you with your photography and will be showing you a lot of my latest work and talking photographically about how I took it. There will be Canon lenses to try too, a great day at your own personal and private airshow! There are exclusive offers too!!!

The event is being organised by Wex Photographic, click here to go to their event page. It’s gonna be a great day.

PhotoLive 2013

I will be giving three lectures per day at the all new PhotoLive show in London on the weekend of October 26th / 27th. It promises to be an amazing show, focussed purely on the photographer with a great line up of speakers. Future, the organisers, have given all lecturers a special 15% discount code to pass onto our people, so I am doing that to you. Simply click here to go to their website and enter "SC15" in the promo field. The discount is good for All Day and Weekend passes so hope to see you all there!  

Coming Soon

Andrew James and I are now working hard on a very special photographic community, where learning is fun and you are surrounded by like minded people. Geek free, learn from the pros. Coming soon, the world of fotoBuzz.....


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