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1st Chris Packham video report on the Maltese Bird Massacre
1st Chris Packham video report on the Maltese Bird Massacre

Malta Massacre, a Chris Packham story
Malta Massacre, a Chris Packham story

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Owls Workshop with Andy Rouse

There is something about owls that everyone loves and Andy does too! So it's only natural that he has decided to run Owl Workshops. Rather than use a falconry centre, Andy has decided to use the British Wildlife Centre as they have a superb collection of Owls that are trained to fly or sit prettily for portraits.

You will spend upto 5 hours of photography at the best times of the day for light (all day in Winter). All owl locations will be natural for the special and species will include Tawny Owl (flying and general portraits), Long Eared Owl, Short Eared Owl, Little Owl and Barn Owl (flying and portraits). Andy will use his expertise to ensure that you learn different techniques for each one, ensuring that you get a range of great shots no matter what the weather conditions. Before each shoot he will brief you on what he is looking for and will be there to help and advise throughout. It's a perfect day for anyone interested in improving their photography and spending time with owls.


Here's a small selection of Andy's images that he has taken using some of the owls on the workshop. You can see the kind of images that he will show you how to get.

To use the slideshow first expand it to the largest size then use your keyboard cursors / mouse to scroll forward. Or you can press play and just sit back and enjoy!

Why an Andy Rouse day?

Lots of people run bird of prey days, why should you pay that bit extra for Andy's? Well for a start you know how good his work is, have seen it published and winning major international awards. He knows what he is talking about from experience, as he has photographed all of the workshop's species in the wild before; therefore he has intimate knowledge of habitats and what looks right. Couple that with his photographic knowledge and expertise at action photography (which is stunning images clearly demonstrate) then it's obvious why an Andy Rouse workshop gives you so much more than just a few images. Like we said before, it's much more than just putting an owl on a perch.


During the Spring and Summer months our Owl Workshops will start mid-late afternoon to ensure that you have the best light. In the Autumn they will start 1.30-2pm and in Winter they will run all day. You will be informed of the exact start time, camera gear and everything you need to know on booking. 


Since we are dealing with captive owls you will not need a long telephoto. A lens in the range of 300mm will be perfectly sufficient, so either a 100-400, 300mm fixed or a 70-200 with a 1.4x teleconverter. You will need wellingtons, that is for sure!

The Cost

The cost is £149 + VAT per delegate and the workshop will have a maximum of 12 participants, ensuring that you get really personal attention from Andy. This price includes a lunch of sandwiches, soup, crisps and sausage rolls, plus the services of Andy Rouse and the British Wildlife Centre. When you book your place you will receive an email confirmation together with full instructions for the day including what gear to bring.

VERY IMPORTANT - to ensure that this confirmation email and all of your joining instructions does not go into your spam box, please add the email address sales "at" (replace the "at" with an @, we had to do this to stop the naughty robots giving our address to naughty spam people) to your address book.

Events - Dates and Booking

Andy is a very popular wildlife photographer as he makes himself very available to the photographic community and beyond via his extensive program of workshops, safaris and talks. Here is a schedule for up and coming workshops, safaris and talks.

For Workshops click on the "Event Details" column to see details of the workshop itself, click on the "Booking Status" column to book your tickets for one of the events. For workshops you will be taken to our secure online store, for talks and other events you will be taken to the ticketing page for our external partners.

For Safaris click on the details column to see the online brochure.

For Talks click on the Talk column for details of the talk.

Once we have received your booking you will receive a confirmation by email with all the details that you need. Important - if you do not receive this email please check your spam and junk folders and if you still do not have it then please contact us as it contains vital information for your day.

We arrange new events all the time so keep watching this space or alternatively sign up for our regular e-newsletter.


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28th November Wildlife Photography Conference Conference Gloucestershire to be announced

Safaris / Expeditions

Svalbard on Stockholm
June 2016
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Mountain Gorillas
March 2016
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Exclusive Migration Camp
August 2016
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Antarctica Adventure November 2017
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Talk Tickets
22nd March 2015
Newton Abbot Camera Club Tigers, Hares all new stuff 

Want something more exclusive?

Andy organises exclusive One2One workshops and safaris for discerning individuals, celebrities (discretion guaranteed) groups of friends or photographic clubs. Click here for details.

Gifting an Andy Rouse Event

An Andy Rouse Event makes a perfect gift for a loved one, colleague or friend. So why not give them an Andy Rouse Gift Voucher, which is valid for workshops, books and prints. We have several values to match our most common products, simply click here to take a look. If you are purchasing a One2One workshops as a gift then simply purchase the event as normal and contact us with the details received on the confirmation email. Send us details of the person to receive the gift. We will then give you a special voucher that you may present to the lucky person!

 Gift Vouchers
Gift Vouchers
Get a gift voucher for an Andy Rouse workshop, print or book as a gift for a loved one, friend or work colleague.

 One 2 One Workshops
One 2 One Workshops
Come on an exclusive One 2 One workshop with master photographer Andy Rouse. Prefect as a gift or guilty pleasure.

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