Encounter with a Mara Bull Elephant
20th February 2019

I love Elephants

I will say it again, I love elephants. I've always loved elephants from my first trip to Africa when I had a perm and no idea about my future life. On my first professional trip, some 20 years ago, I took an image that won me a big award in the BBC WPOTY and really put me on the map. Remember it?

Yeah that's the one. Well the story is for another day but the message is that I have always been determined to take elephant pictures that are different from the norm. So a few weeks ago I shot these few images...

Different huh? All shot with the EOS R no less. Now I made a video for you telling the story of the encounter and showing the pics from it. It's only a few minutes long but I do encourage you to watch it as I intend to do so much more of this as I am now shooting a lot of video and getting to grips with the technical stuff. So please watch, enjoy and subscribe to my YouTube Channel as there will be a lot more to come!

So there you go I hope that you enjoyed that little video snippet. Very soon we will have a whole new BLOG where you can leave comments etc but for now please do so on YouTube and I will try to answer them. Of course I know a few of you will be interested in the EOS R and the obvious questions are these:

Q. Could you have got the same shots with any camera?

A. Yes of course you can!

Q. So what advantage did the R give you?

A. Aside from seeing the exposure and white balance "live" before I shoot, having the flip screen allowed me to do the low angled shot. And of course the new silent continuous mode let me shoot silently, so the elephant wasn't stressed and that meant the picture looked better. 

Q. And the file quality?

A. Great and good enough for me. I processed a few of these as RAWs and some straight from the jpegs. 

Alright enough from me for today I will be back soon with a lot more stuff!

Remembering Elephants

If you love elephants like I do then you may wanna get yourself a copy of the Remembering Elephants book shown here.

It's an amazing collection of elephant images from some of the best wildlife photographers in the world and yes I have an image or two in there. 

The best part about it is that proceeds are donated to great elephant conservation projects worldwide and that means you are supporting the future of these amazing animals.

I have this book and more on my Amazon store, the link is just below...


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