Travels with Tigers - Encounter with Pretty Boy
19th December 2018

Travels with Tigers is a new series for my upcoming new website area that aims to show the wonder of tigers to those who simply love them. The format will no doubt change but right now it's a mix of mad travel video, beautiful 4K video and stills. So there is something there for everyone. This will be my last piece of content on this BLOG before XMAS so enjoy it, the new system will have comments enabled too, for now please place any comments etc in the social media feeds where you have come from right now. Ok, let's get to it.

Pretty Boy

I first saw Pretty Boy as a small very shy cub of Laila, the elusive female who skirts the edges of zones 4 and 5 in Ranthambhore. She originally had two cubs but the female died, leaving a very shy Pretty Boy to get the main share of the food. And boy has he flourished! Last summer we started seeing him with his mother almost on a daily basis, he has lost most of his shyness now and in fact has become a very engaging male tiger and a very handsome one too! Here's a couple shots I took of him last summer...

What a stunner!!!! Anyway on my most recent trip to Ranthambhore a couple of weeks back we kept hearing about him striking out on his own so added his favourite areas onto our route and one day he popped up again, albeit briefly...

Then two days later bingo!!! We followed a hunch, got an alarm call and my team tracked him for 10 minutes before we found him. Boy what a sighting we had and I have put it together as a fun video for you with some commentary, fun stuff and 4k video shot on the EOS R. I'm no TV presenter and Spielberg won't be calling me anytime soon for my movie editing, but most people reading this BLOG will get the fun nature of this and enjoy it!! Oh and TURN THE SOUND ON!!!

So there you go, hope that you enjoyed seeing Pretty Boy in the video, if you did please let me know via my social feeds @wildmanrouse and feel free to share it. 

Now photographers know that you will want to know a little more and I will be discussing this in part 2 of this feature after Xmas, which will feature a video analysis of my favourite images from the shoot. All stills and tiger videos here were shot on the EOS R with the control ring adaptor on either the 100-400 or 300mm f2.8mm lenses, files were shot in JPEG at ISO ranges 800-1600 and processed for a maximum of 1 minute each in Photoshop. Video was shot at 4k @ 25 fps, it has not been graded or colour corrected and is deliberately straight from camera. To make the video recording more efficient I use Integral SD UHS-II cards, which are fast and reliable. You can get them and lots of other bits I use from my online Amazon store here. Anyway more in the next BLOG for you with the video analysis where I will look at composition etc of the shots I took, but in the meantime here's a couple of tasters...

As for Pretty Boy well he is now going to begin a very difficult phase of his life and I'm afraid to say that this is probably the last I will see of him. Now he is on his own his natural instinct will take over and soon he will start scent marking, which his father won't tolerate at all. He will be forced to move into the adjacent non tourism zone of Ranthambhore, where so many of our male tigers end up. After that well who knows, the first few years of a young male tiger's life are tough and many don't make it. But he's a big lad and had the benefit of one to one teaching so let's hope that he grows into a big, dominant male tiger just like the much loved Sultan did. 

Anyway that's it for today, if you like the style of the video more will come along like this. We have added it to both YouTube and Vimeo channels as well to please everyone!

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