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2014 = UKRAINA

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Amazing Svalbard
Well I am back in the world of the internet for a few hours so wanted to upload a few shots I have taken this past ten days. It has been an incredibly varied trip, lots of great experiences and sightings and of course my wonderful ship the Stockholm. Passengers were great too, this time the conditions really tested my experience but we managed a great trip that all will remember for a lifetime. The next trip will be either next year or in two years time so watch this space. 

Anyway only got two hours here as second group of clients has now arrived so will quickly show you the images....

A waterfall from the spectacular ice cliffs at Austfonna.

A Polar Bear chills out on the pack ice....

Spectacular Austfonna ice cap at sunset, bronze looking ice, incredible....

Fulmars resting on a passing iceberg

A Polar Bear waking up

A backlit golden waterfall from the ice cap, what a beautiful image

And finally a lovely coloured iceberg on pastel shades, stunning!
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